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 The Fifties

The City of Ada
1955_Rodeo_Parade Ada_High_School 
1955_Rodeo_Parade.jpg 1955 Rodeo Parade Ada_High_School.jpg

The new AHS opened its doors on September 17, 1928 at a cost of $200,000.

Ada_High_School_1906 Aldridge_Hotel_1941 
Ada_High_School_1906.jpg Ada High School 1906 Aldridge_Hotel_1941.jpg

SE corner of 12th and Broadway.

Criswell_Hearse Dr_Sugg's_Home_Office

Criswell's Packard hearse is parked in front of the mortuary in 1936.  J.U. Criswell acquired the business from W.T. Stockton in 1918.  In 1928 it moved from the Curiosity Shop building on East Main to 13th Street, where it operated until 1978.  Since then it has been on Arlington. Criswell's  is  one of the oldest continuously owned businesses in Ada, with three generations of operators -- J.U., J.H., and Tom Criswell.


This duplex served as Dr. Sugg's home and office, circa 1931.  It was later remodeled and expanded into a clinic and hospital.

Evans_Candy_Co Folgers_Drive_In 

Located at 125 W. 12th St.   In the rear of the store was where "Fireball" Evans and his students engaged in the fine art of muscle.


Taken in 1954.  Garley & Christine Folger opened their first restaurant in 1935.   It was located on Stockton. From 1938 to 1949 they operated a sandwich shop next door to the McSwain.  In 1954 they opened Folger's  Drive-In on E. Main where it remains  today.  Jimmy & Jerry Folger are now  the current owners

Glenwood_Grd_Schl_1929  Gluckman_s_Dept_Store 
Glenwood_Grd_Schl_1929.jpg Glenwood Grade School 1929 Gluckman_s_Dept_Store.jpg

Taken in 1941.  Louis and Minnie Gluckman were one of some 20-30 Jewish families who had businesses in early Ada.  It opened in 1928.  In 1936, it employed 17 people.

Hamburger_King_1941  Hayes_Grade_School__1929

Pictured in 1941, the Hamburger King at 218 W. Main is still in business.

Hayes_Grade_School__1929.jpg Hayes Grade School - 1929
Irving_Elem_Sch_1910 Kiva_Theater 
Irving_Elem_Sch_1910.jpg Irving Elementary School, 1910 Kiva_Theater.jpg Kiva Theater
Montgomery_Ward  Ritz_Theater

This 1941 photo shows the store when it was  located at 128-130 E. Main.

Ritz_Theater.jpg Ritz Theater
S&Q_Clothiers  Sugg_Clinic

Established 1915. Robert Steiner became mgr 1948 and served until 1986 when the store closed

Sugg_Clinic.jpg Sugg Clinic
The_Dog_House The_Kit_Kat

Taken in 1954.  This  place needs  no description...Click on it to blow  it up and check out the prices. Hamburger in a basket 40 cents!


Owned by Al Tribbey, who later opened Ada's Holiday Inn.

Ada _First_Public_Library Ada_High_School__2 
Ada _First_Public_Library.jpg

Ada First Public Library


Ada High School

Ada_Theater  Criswell_Ambulance

Located at 121 W. Main


Criswell's  Ford sedan ambulance, circa 1928.

Denco_bus_station East Central_Callixyon_Tree

Denco Bus Station


250 million years old.  Found near Ada and given to ECU in 1936 by John Fitts.

Fields_shoe_store Folgers2_Drive_In 

Fields' & The Leader Shoe Store Located on NW corner of Main and Broadway in 1941


Folgers Drive In

Glenwood_Swim_Pool_1955 Green_Spray_Mkt_1944_45 

Glenwood Swim Pool, 1955


Date Taken: 1944-45.  The Green Spray was in the 500 blk of East Main. The pile of vegetables cover the famous fish pond.

Hayes_band_1947  Hayes_McReynolds_ Grimes 

Hayes Bank 1947

Hayes_McReynolds_ Grimes.jpg

McReynolds and Grimes were sisters. McReynolds was the art teacher at Hayes and Grimes taught 1st Grade at Washington.


KADA_Radio_Station McSwain_Theater

On the Air Sept 26, 1934 -- all 100 watts.  It had a 112 foot deep foundation.


McSwain Theater

Old_Masonic_Hall Ruth_Hagar_Hayes

The Masonic Hall occupied the 2nd floor at 125 S. Broadway in 1941. Businesses on the ground floor were Nash Prescription Shop, Smith Office Supply, Jeter Grocery, and Howard Thompson Insurance.


Music teacher at Hayes

Smiley_Burnette The_Ada_Army_Store

Movie Star, Songwriter, Singer & Gene Autry's side kick.  Taken in 1955 at the Ada Rodeo.  Phil remembers going to the rodeo and hearing Smiley tell a naughty joke to the crowd.  It went "Johnny raised his hand in class.  The teacher asked what he wanted.  'May I go to the bathroom?' 'No, wait 'til class is over.'  Two minutes later Bobby raised his hand.  The teacher said 'I suppose you want to go to the bathroom, too.'  Bobby replied, 'No, but could Johnny?'" Shocking stuff for Ada in 1955, huh!


R. N. Hays managed the store in 1941.

The_First_National_Bank  The_Silver_Dollar 

Taken in 1938.  The bank has been located at Main & Bdwy since 1901. The traffic light was new  to Ada. Below  the light, a sign warns motorists that "autos killed 39,700 people in 1937"



The Silver Dollar was just north of 4th & Broadway on the West side of Broadway.  In the late fifties the Ashers bought it and made it a Steak House.  Later, the Elks Club bought it and moved from downtown.  It burned to the ground in about 1962.


Willard_Elem_Sch_1940  Washington_Grd_Sch_1929 

Williard Elementary School, 1940


Washington Grade School

Washington Grade School Band - 1946

Washington Grade School Band - 1946

First Row: (Right to Left)   Gordon Green, Jay O'Neal, Murray Gullett, Howard Rice, Dan Wagner, Herman Kifer, Dick Hubbard, Sam Clower, Benton O'Neal, ??, Don ?, Elmer Keys, Mitchell Howard, Bill English, Paul English, Carol Ann Tomlin, ??.

Second Row, (Right to Left) Herman Dale Matthews, John Robert Cox, Mitchell Jones, Bill Clark, Jerry Ratzlaff, Danny Walker, J.C. Jones, Gene Stephenson, Jimmy Budd, Al Backus, Steve Gann, Carl Brower, Ann Stegall, ??, Betsy Miller, Donna Joe Budd, Don Loman, Kay Colvin, Bob Jones, Pat Walsh, Sandra Goins.

Back Row: Harold Graham, Director.  Phil's dad also directed the Ada High, Ada Jr. High, and the other four grade schools during his  tenure.  No wonder he got out of teaching to open his  Band Instrument business!  Austin Kidwell replaced him in 1949, followed by Richard Vandewalker in 1956.


Do you Remember These?




Ada High Courgar Ada High School

Each student may rent a locker. There are plenty of lockers. In fact, after school starts, it will be possible for some of you to rent two lockers if you prefer a separate place for your coats, etc. The fee is 50 cents for the key with 25 cents returned at the end of the school year or when you check out to leave school.

All lockers must be locked. The office pays 5 cents for keys found and returned to the office. You may buy them back for the same price within one week, otherwise, they will be put back in the key cabinet and will cost you 35 cents.

We maintain a master key service for emergencies only. A fee of 5 cents is charged each time the key is used. This service will be available before school and after school and for only one time a day.



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