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Bolt, Linda
Bridgeman, Mary Jo
Bridgeman, Gary

Cannon, Carolyn

D'Ambrosio, Bill
Downey, Joanell
Duncan, Barbara

Fulton, Carl

Gray, Sharon

Jackson, Nancy
Jamison, Linda

Lester, Lee Roy

McCarty, Tim
Mullins, Frances
Myers, Geraldine

Neve, Connie

Phillips, Marcia

Schoen, Martha
Sigenthaler, Darla
Smith, Charles
Speck, Carol
Standridge, Sammy
Sterling, J.C.

Truett, Tom

Weaver, Sandra
Whitehead, Jack

York, Charles Ray


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Ada HighSchool

Ada High Courgar

Cafeteria Rules
The school maintains a modern up-to-date cafeteria where you may purchase a balanced meal for 35 cents. Meal tickets for 10 meals are only 3 dollars.

No teachers are on duty in the cafeteria and each student must stay in line and observe the common courtesies in order to keep it that way.




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