Ada High School - Class of '65

Cougars '65... Ada, Oklahoma

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ADA HIGH - Class of '65

In Loving Memory...

  • David Baldmain
  • Mike Barnes
  • Barbara Barton
  • Vicky Bates Gates
  • Ronnie Cavener
  • Howard Collings
  • Carol Evans
  • Barry Ferguson
  • Janet Finch
  • John Hall
  • Chris Hankins
  • Robert Houchen
  • Gayle Hutchings Sloan
  • Vernon Ingram
  • Byron Johnson
  • Dave Kelly
  • Sammie Kennedy Smith
  • Phillip Kirk
  • Janie Little
  • Bobbie Meyers Champton
  • Danna Nelson
  • Monte Newcombe
  • Judy Burns
  • Linda Norvill Spann
  • Carolyn Phillips Fischer
  • Joyce Robertson Colling
  • Phyllis Scates Dean
  • Gary Sims
  • Carol Standridge
  • Richard Taliaferro
  • Larry Williams


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Ada High School
Ada High Cougar

Maroon and White

The Cougar in full length and in action embodies the aims and traditions of Ada Senior High School in the symbol of the courage and strength of the beast.



Class of '65
Ada High School   Ada, Oklahoma
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