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Donnie,   Just wanted to let you know how GREAT the class reunion was. It was great to see everybody again and re-connect. I thought everybody looked fantastic---------for our young age. Just kidding, everybody did look FANTASTIC. Send this to everybody and tell them I wish we would of had more time to catch up. I already miss everyone more now then ever before-------must come with age. See everyone next time if not sooner. Donnie, thanks for a very, very, very good weekend.   ...Terry Koontz


Thanks to Jenny & her group for the wonderful decorations at both reunion sites! I  appreciate your efforts, and the time you spent decorating. Also, thanks to the " clean up" committee!   I have no idea who you were, because I couldn't stay up as late as you guys did!   To anyone who did some work behind the scenes and didn't get thanked, " Hats off to you!" The entire week-end was a tremendous success!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.     ...Shirley Satterfield Wood


Dear Classmates, I had a blast!   I'm going to sit down today and write out some things to do at the next reunion before I forget them.   Things that come to mind are:   Chinese fire drills on Main Street, " mooning" someone (that would not be a pretty sight, come to think of it!)   painting the water towers (again).....lots of fun things come to mind!     Thank you, Donnie, for the wonderful " 1967 Club" you started.   It took a lot of work, but it certainly has paid off.   I haven't laughed so hard in years... I am now back in California trying to tell everyone how wonderful the Reunion and Ada was!   Blessings to you all,   ...Laura Lynn


To all, It was absolutely wonderful! I am overwhelmed by all of our connections. Donnie, you could not have done better!   I love all of you, ...Kenneth


Donnie, Great reunion! No major problems. I think everyone had a great time. I certainly did. Love you for getting us all together. I am so tired even after a good night's sleep.   I am too old to party that hard, but I still hated to see it end! Can't wait to do it again. Love you.   ( Guess who? Hint - the one still Blushing from Friday night )


Hi!   This weekend's reunion was for me one of those life moments I will remember and cherish forever. The chance to see and talk with all of you is truly a gift. Donna's efforts to find everyone and plan all these activities were unbelievable.   Harroll and Susan Rhoads deserve the " Welcome to My Home" award and personal experience says that Pam and Richie Vestal were the last people to leave every night, so they definitely deserve the " Hang Till You Drop" award for the weekend. The last time I did not get to bed until 2:30 AM (or later) for three nights in a row was probably in 1967.

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Anyone that had the chance but did not come really missed a wonderful set of well planned events and the opportunity to see and reminisce with undoubtedly the greatest, friendliest and most talented group of people to ever attend Ada High School. Many of my AA (After Ada) friends can not understand why we seem so excited to stay in touch, so if you would like to stay in touch via our Google group but can not seem to understand how to get logged in or use the site, please call me at one of my numbers listed below and I will guide you step by step in how to bring yourself into the modern world of digital communications. My son Michael may also be available to walk you through how to set the time on your digital clocks, watches, VCR or DVD players. If you took digital pictures during the weekend please contact me and we will make sure you can send those pictures to me so we can all enjoy your photography skills.

To all of you that reminded me of the opportunities I gave you to get in one form of trouble or another just keep this in mind. As far as I know there have been no convictions, and virtually all of our hijinks are past the statute of limitations.     I love you all and look forward to seeing you all again in the near future. In case I forgot to tell you, I had a Great Time! ...Vance


I have been trying to think of the right words to tell all of you THANK YOU!   All of you are giving me too much credit for doing the reunion. If it hadn't been for all of you showing up it really would have been a dud.   All of you made this happen.   When I looked around the crowd and saw everybody laughing, it really made my day.   I think what made this so special is that we have all gown up and realized that all of the classmates represent our roots. We have laughed, cried, fussed and everything else when we were young, but now we all appreciate all of our friends.

It was really fun to see who recognized who!   I knew I wouldn't have a problem knowing everybody plus their spouses because of the website.   I have enjoyed doing this reunion so much, even for a year and a half, because every single day I talked to a different person.   What a joy that has been!   Even when I had days I just wanted to forget the reunion totally after we lost Judy and Barbara.   You all picked me up.   I do thank you so much for that. I know I have true friends out there I could never replace.   I mean guys as much as the girls.

I do want to thank all of you for the plaque, Waterford and the picture.   I loved them all.   If I need something to pick me up for the day, I can look at the plaque.   I have always been in love with crystal.   So that was a perfect gift.   As for the picture with the notes from all of you all I can say is I LOVE IT.   I have read it so many times I think I have it memorized! That was really personal and I think all of you know how emotional I get.     I love all of you for being so kind, thoughtful and caring.

Thanks so much for all the helpers. It really means a lot that all of you worked so hard to help me pull this off.   It will never be forgotten. I do appreciate all of you and thanks again.   I thought I should also tell you the twins are good and very happy!!!Love you all, ...Donnie


Dear Donnie, the reunion committee and all those many people who had a part in making this reunion such a success....You ALL are fantastic!!!   What a terrific job you did - from the organization, to all the communication, the web site,   the perfect venues for meeting, greeting and catching up, to the decorations, etc., etc. etc.   Even though I did not have the opportunity to actually graduate with you guys, Donnie's phone calls and emails were a tremendous help in beginning the catch up process.   Plus, how fun was the web site with the many bios? Donnie, your persistence paid off! One thing that really struck me this weekend was the feeling that everyone had a genuine interest in reconnecting after so many years.   It's amazing how we have all traveled different paths these last 40 years...all of which have had various bumps and curves along the way, as well as those times of smooth sailing.   However, this past weekend, what a joy and what fun it was that our paths all merged together to celebrate and renew old friendships.

Thank you so much for allowing this " friend along the way" to be a part of such a great group. You guys are the best! ...Diane





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