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2008 Events
New Year's Celebration
Belle Isle Brewery
Pics-Class of 67 Since 1967
Ada Grade School - Class of '67 Grade School Slumber Party - Ada - Class of '67
Cindy Keylor, Puddin Brown, Jenny Gluckman, Janie Bumpers 3rd Grade Slumber Party
at Jenny's

Pam, Jane, Donna, JoAnn, Puddin, Cindy, Diane, Barbara Martino, Pam Voss
Junior High - Ada, Ok, Class of '67 etc_20.gif
The Good '0le Days!
Tony Sarrett - 9th Grade
Puddin Brown, Jenny Gluckman   9th Grade Party at JoAnn Corbin West's Farm
Tony Sarrett
9th Grade Party - Ada OK
9th Grade Party
Becky Pennington Deprey, Puddin Brown Cox, Diane Theimer Fullrich
9th Grade Party
Becky Pennington Deprey
Harroll Rhoads
9th Grade Party
Karroll Rhoads
Jack Hooper
9th Grade Party
Tony Sarrett
Colbert's Cuties--Can Can Boys
Standing:   Odie Carter, Tony Sarrett, Steve Omohundro
Kneeling:   Ronnie Dowdy, Mike Skaggs, Larry Waters
Colbert's Cuties--Can Can Boys
9th Grade Talent Show
Edwin Stroud, Stripper
9th Grade Graduation
JoAnn Corbin West
Tony Sarrett
1963 Christmas Dance
Jerry Don Kite & Debbie Menefee
1963 Christmas Dance
1963 Christmas Dance
Debbie Menefee
1963 Christmas Dance
Steve Omohundro
9th Grade Boy Cheerleaders
Pres.-Bob Sherbert
Bus. Mgr-Karroll Rhoads
Seated Behind: Shirley Satterfield Wood and Paula Richardville Buckley
9th Grade Boy Cheerleaders
Tony Sarrett & Odie Carter
High School Cheerleaders
Pam Leighton Vestal, Judy Blackburn Cox, Becky Pennington Deprey
High School Cheerleaders
Margaret Huddleston Morris, Debby Menefee
High School Cheerleaders
JoAnn Corbin West, Linda Harbert Taylor, Puddin Brown Cox
Alana Roberts, Kenny Coffey Mrs. Pendegrass
Kindergarten Class

Class of '67 Pictures- Since 1967

Pics-Class of 67 Since 1967
Since 1967...
Steve & JoAnn West

Steve & JoAnn Corbin West

Steve & JoAnn Corbin West

Joe Badgett & Family
Janie Bumpers Receiving PhD
Joe Badgett & Family Debbie Menefee
Ronnie Dowdy & Family Paula Murphy Bloom & Family Mini-Reunion, 1989
Dane Henry
Mini-Reunion, 1989 Dane Henry Mike Gray, Steve Taylor
Steve & Mary on Honeymoon in Cancun Steve Taylor and his Little Princesses Steve Taylor Family
Larry & Linda Howard Ward Family David & Phyllis Towler Edwin & Carol Stroud
Larry & Regina Waters
Sydney, Austalia
Larry Water's #1 Granddaughter,
Larry Waters and Sons,
Justin & Greg
Greek Tomb
Edwin Stroud
Richard & Pam Leighton Vestal Family Avery, Stacia, Pam Leighton Vestal & Carey (1)

Steve & JoAnn West's daughter, Nancy and baby Steve & JoAnn West's Boys Puddin and daughter, Natalie Ray
Judy Blackburn Cox Tim Hause
Judy Blackburn Cox Linda O'Brien, Ronnie Dowdy Tim Hause
Bob West, Vance Bowen Bob McCracken, Cindy Rollow, Jacque Moranetz Solsburg Robert Hayes (standing) 1981


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