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Military Heroes  Ada Alumni, Class of '67, Military ServiceClass of '67

Some gave a little
Some gave a lot
Some gave everything
We all gave something.
Pray for those who no longer can raise their glasses in toast,
Our brothers still on patrol...

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Joe Badgett U.S. Air Force 1972-75  

Terry Bryant

U.S. Navy

Randall Chapman U.S. Navy 1969-75  
Billy Compton U.S. Navy 1969-73 Vietnam
Becky Pennington Deprey U.S. Public Health 20 years  
Dick Dixon U.S. Marines 1967-69 Vietnam
Ronnie Dowdy Oklahoma National Guard 1969-76  
Andy Fowler U.S. Marines 1967-69 Vietnam
James Frick U.S. Navy 1967-69 Vietnam
Mike Gray U.S. Army 1968-70 Vietnam
Roger Greenlee U.S. Navy   Vietnam
3 Tours
Rodney Guinn U.S. Air Force 23 years  
Tim Hause U.S. Navy 1969-73 Vietnam
Robert Hayes U.S. Marines 1967-1970
3 Tours
Dane Henry U.S. Navy 1968-70  
Randy Hill U.S. Army 1968-69 Vietnam
Alan Lamb U.S. Marines 1973-92  
Dana Loftin U.S. Army 1967-71  
  Oklahoma National Guard 1974-76  
  U.S. Army 1977-80  
  U.S. Army Reserve 1982-94  
Gary Pannell U.S. Navy    
Harroll Rhoads U.S. Navy Seal Team 1968-71 Vietnam
Karroll Rhoads U.S. Army 1969-70  
Mack Smith U.S. Air Force 1968-1972  
Standlee Spencer U.S. Navy 1971-91  
Bob Sherbert U.S. Marines Cobra Pilot 1972-77  
David Shuller U.S. Navy 1969-74  
Mike Skaggs U.S. Marines 1967-90 Vietnam
Danny Talley Oklahoma National Guard 1970-76  
Steve Taylor U.S. Army 1967-69 Vietnam
Bob Vandegriff U.S. Army 1969-71 Vietnam
Robert " Doc" Vandiver U.S. Army Special Ops 1967-88 Vietnam -
2 1/2 tours
Larry Waters U.S. Navy Reserve 1969-70  
  Oklahoma Army National Guard 1970-72  
  U.S. Army Reserve 1972-75  
Steve West Oklahoma National Guard 1969-76  
Charlie Wilker U.S. Navy 1970-71  



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Steve Taylor Steve Taylor - Military Service


Becky Pennington Deprey Becky Pennington Deprey - Military Pictures


James Cecil Frick James Cecil Frick - Military Pic  


Danny Talley Danny Talley - Military


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Charlie Wilker Charlie Wilker, Military Service  



Randy Hill Randy Hill - Military Randy Hill


Dick Dixon Dick Dixon Dick Dixon, Military



Rod & Kathy Guinn Rod and Kathy Guinn  


Andy Fowler Andy Fowler Andy Fowler, Military


Stan Spencer Stan Spencer


Joe Badgett Joe Badgett  


Steve West  


    Harroll Rhoads

Harroll Rhoads



Larry Waters Larry Waters  


Robert Hayes Robert Hayes  


Alan Lamb Alan Lamb, U.S. Military Service



Mack Smith

Mack Smith, U.S. Air Force, 1968-1972



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